Silent Witness

Silent Witness

Silent Witness
Sam Kincaid returns in this riveting sequel to The Commission

Sam Kincaid and Kate McConnell must once again look beneath the obvious in an increasingly dangerous scenario.

The armored car robbery went terribly awry, leaving two people dead. One was a member of the gang believed responsible for the crime. Walter Bradshaw, the 45-year-old leader of the Reformed Church of the Divine Christ, is charged with capital murder and aggravated robbery. Bradshaw leads an arch-conservative, anti-government group of Mormon polygamists who were once a part of Warren Jeffs’ Fundamentalist Church. Captured after a high-speed chase, Bradshaw currently sits in a cell at the Utah State Prison, awaiting trial for the armored car fiasco. The rest of the Bradshaw gang remains at large.

Then two days before Bradshaw’s preliminary hearing, Arnold Ginsberg, one of two witnesses to the robbery, is stabbed and bludgeoned to death in a parking garage in downtown Salt Lake City. That same evening, the second witness, 24-year old University of Utah student Robin Joiner, narrowly escapes being kidnapped as she walks across campus to her car….

This is the sequel to The Commission, named one of the best books of 2007 by Publishers Weekly.




Publishers Weekly

“In Norman’s solid sequel to his well-received debut, The Commission (2007), cops Sam Kincaid and Kate McConnell try to unsnarl a tangle of crimes in Salt Lake City… As personal and bureaucratic tensions almost sidetrack the investigators, Sam and Kate have to prove how smart and stubborn they are. [Norman…] has a good grasp of police procedures and writes with the same dogged, decent persistence that Sam displays.”

Kirkus Reviews

“…A second authoritative, highly readable police procedural from a writer who earned his cop chops in the trenches.”

Julia Spencer Fleming

“A classic procedural thriller told with a voice of assured authority. Silent Witness is a terrific read in the best tradition of Michael Connelly or James O. Born. Sam Kincaid and Kate McConnell make one terrific team, and Michael Norman is a writer to watch.”